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NZCF Standard for Birman Cats

The Birman is a strong boned semi-longhaired cat.  There must be strong definition between colour of points and white of paws and gauntlets.

HeadStrongly boned, slightly rounded in the muzzle.  Broader than high, forehead slopes well back, is slightly convex in profile with flatter appearance in front of and between ears.
JawsStrong, cheeks full and well developed.
NoseMedium in length, in proportion to size of head.  Slightly Roman in shape, but not to excess
ChinFull and strong with a sraight bite.
EarsMedium in size, set moderately far apart and slightly flared.
EyesAlmost round in shape, widely spaced but not bold.
BodyOf good length, yet muscular and soid.  Neck strong and of medium length.  Broad chest.  Males much more robus than females.
Legs and PawsStrongly boned.  Medium in length.  Large round paws.  Stiff rear legged gait.
TailLength to just before the shoulders.  Bushy, fur slightly oval at tip, flowing in repose but carried thrown backwards with a curl at the tip.
CoatMedium in length, silken in texture, with no undercoat.  Full ruff around neck slightly curled on belly and fur of such texture that it will not malt.
HeadMask adult should cover the face to over the eyes but jointed ears by tracings.  Chin shaded to match mask.
LegsLeg point colour to go up to just above the elbows on the front and to merge into flanks at the rear.  Leg colour lighter inside legs.
GauntletsFront paws white gloved in an even line across the paws at the third joint.  Back paws have white gauntlets which cover back paws extending in a line up the back of the legs in the shape of a spearhead, to reach a point just below the middle of the hock.  Evenly matched gloves and gauntlets are desirable.
The paws are white gloved giving the characteristic look of the Birman cat.
Paw PadsPink or pink blotched with the points colour.
Eye ColourBlue, clear and bright, the deeper the better.

  • Strongly almond shaped eyes
  • Areas of white in points other than gloves/gauntlets
  • Blotches/spots of colour in gloves or gauntlets
  • Lack of width of head
  • Small rounded ears
  • Lack of white gloves on any paw
  • Lack of gauntlets in back of legs
  • Crossed eyes
  • Kink in tail
  • Coloured toes
  • White chin spot
  • Squint

NB:  The white feet are characteristic of the Birman and whilst it is desirable to have them perfect, they should not be given preference over the TYPE of the cat.  A cat may be SLIGHTLY imperfect ing loves and gauntlets yet still be eligible for top awards.  While allowances should be made for incomplete points colour in kittens; in adult cats it is desireable to have even points colour.


In New Zealand the following colours are recognised:

Seal Point SBI Blue Point SBI A
Chocolate Point SBI D Lilac Point SBI C
Red Point SBI K Cream Point SBI G
Caramel Point SBI k/A Apricot Point SBI k/G
Blue Caramel Point SBI E Lilac Caramel Point SBI k/C
Seal Tortie Point SBI E/B Blue Tortie Point SBI E/A
Chocolate Tortie Point SBI sk/EA Lilac Tortie Point SBI E/C
Caramel Tortie Point SBI sk/EA Lilac Caramel Tortie Point SBI sk/EC
Blue Caramel Tortie Point SBI F Blue Tabby Point SBI F/A
Seal Tabby Point SBI F.B Lilac Tabby Point SBI F/C
Chocolate Tabby Point SBI F/D Cream Tabby Point SBI F/G
Blue Caramel Tabby Point SBI k/FA Apricot Tabby Point SBI k/FG
Seal Tortie Tabby Point SBI F/E Lilac Caramel Tabby  Point SBI k/FC
Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point SBI F/EB Blue Tortie Tabby Point SBI F/EA
Caramel Tortie Tabby Poinrt SBI F/EK Lilac Tortie Tabby Point SBI F/EC
Blue Caramel Tortie Tabby Point SBI k/FEK Lilac Caramel Tortie Tabby Point SBI k/FEK
Silver and Tabby Series
Silver Smoke Point SBIs Blue Smoke Point SBI s/A
Chocolate Smoke Poke SBI s/B Lilac Smoke Point SBi s/C
Red Smoke Point SBI s/D Cream Smoke Point SBI s/G
Caramel Smoke Point SBI s/K Apricot Smoke Point SBI s/kG
Blue Caramel Smoke Point SBI sk/A Lilac Caramel Smoke Point SBI sk/C
Seal Smoke Tortie Point SBI s/E Blue Smoke Tortie Point SBI s/EA
Chocolate Smoke Tortie Point SBI sE/B Lilac Smoke Tortie Point SBI s/EC
Seal Smoke Tortie Point SBI s/EF Blue Smote Tortie Point SBI s/EA
Seal Silver Tabby Point SBI sF Blue Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FA
Chocolate Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FB Lilac Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FC
Red Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FD Cream Silver Tabby Point SBi s/FG
Caramel Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FK Apricot Silver Tabby Point SBi s/FKG
Blue Caramel Silver Tabby Point SBI sk/FA Lilac Caramel Silver Tabby Point SBi sk/FC
Seal Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FE Blue Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FEA
Chocolate Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FEB Lilac Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FEC
Caramel Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI s/FEK Lilac Caramel Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI sk/FEC
Blue Caramel Tortie Silver Tabby Point SBI ski/FEA

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