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Show News

Our 2017 Show was recently held on July 8th, which was also our 20th Anniversary.  What a triumph it was, with 93 entrys.  Three of our Judges presiding were also at our first show 20 year ago.  Shorty the result for this year will be posted, so watch this space.

2016 Results

Congratulations to our Supreme winners, and thank you to all our Sponsors for their generosity, and to our Exhibitors for entering their beautiful Birmans and Companions, looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.Show Gallery is now available.

Supreme Awards

Supreme Entire Cat
Ch Amoenta Izza LuckyO/B:  Y & R Murphy
Runner Up - Supreme Entire Cat
Ch Amoenta BouzerO/B:  Y & R Murphy
Tolaytus China GirlO/B:  R Henderson
Supreme Neuter/Spay
BrzDblGrPr Florencia Miss SaphireO:  J & C Finch
B:  J Fletcher
Runner Uper Supreme Neuter/Spay
SilDblGrPr Concerto SnowflakeO/B:  J James
Supreme Companion
SqueakO:  J & C Finch

Top 10s - All Sections

Entire CatsRing OneRing TwoRing ThreeRing  FourRing Five
BISCh Amoenta Izza LuckyAmoenta BouzerAmoenta BouzerBirpur Arwakerei Green JadeCh Amoenta Izza Lucky
R/up BISGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelGldDblGrGh Leegrgo Blue BoyGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelDblGrCh Belzicatz Rebel's LaddBelizcatz Dee Lara
3rdCh Birpur Jean the Mini BeanDblGrCh Belzicatz Rebel's LaddCh Amoenta Izza LuckyAmoenta BouzerCh Belzicatz Kiya Anne
4thBrzDblGrCh Sandylands KatieBelizcatz Dee LaraGldDblGrGh Leegrgo Blue BoyCh Amoenta Izza LuckyBirpur Arwakerei Green Jade
5thCh Leegrgo On Cloud NineCh Belzicatz Kiya AnneBrzDblGrCh Sandylands KatieGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelDblGrCh Belzicats Rebel's Ladd
6thFlorencia J'adore Mon JulietteCh Birpur Cute AsDblGrCh Moonson Lady MischaBelzicatz Dee LaraCh Birpur Cute As
7thCh Belzicatz Kiya AnneGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelCh Belzicatz Kiya AnneCh Birpur Jean the Mini BeanSandylands Eyes of Saphire Dream
8thTynlony Erika N Silk MistTynlony Erika N Silk MistGldDblGrCh Sceiron ToriFlorencia J'adore Mon JulietteCh Sceiron Katara
9thCh Sceiron KataraCh Sceiron KataraDblGrCh Belzicatz Rebel's LaddGldDblGrGh Leegrgo Blue BoyFlorencia Snow Krystal Princess
10thAmoenta BouzerBirpur Arwakerei Green JadeBirpur Arwakerei Green JadeMoonson FlorenciaDblGrCh Moonson Lady Mischa
BAMGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelAmoenta BouzerGrCh Florencia Miss Coco ChanelBirpur Arwakerei Green JadeCh Amoenta Izza Lucky

Entire KittensRing 1Ring 2Ring 3Ring 4Ring 5
BISBelzicatz Coco BelleBelzicatz Lady SiaBelzicatz Coco BelleAmoenta RainaSinhiman Monet's Clouds of Blue
R/Up BISFlorencia Lady SapphireTolaytus China GirlSinhiman Monet's Clouds of BlueConcerto Queen of the HopMoonson Lady Ashley
3rdTolaytus China GirlFlorencia Lady SapphireConcerto Queen of the HopSinhiman Toffee PopBelzicatz Sunny Bear
4thTynlony Gucci RushBelzicatz Sunny BearTolaytus China GirlBelzicatz Sunny BearSinhiman Toffee Pop
5thAmoenta RainaMoonson Lady AshleyBelzicatz Sunny BearMoonson Lady AshleyConcerto Queen of the Hop
6thSceiron KimikoBelzicatz Coco BelleMoonson Lady AshleyBelzicatz Lady SiaTolaytus China Girl
7thBelicious Mochaccino TrufflesTynlony Gypshy LaceBelicious Mochaccino TrufflesFlorencia Lady SapphireFlorencia Lady Sapphire
8thSinhiman Toffee PopSinhiman Monet's Clouds of BlueSceiron KimikoBelzicatz Coco BelleAmoenta Raina
9thMoonson Lady AshleyAmoenta RainaFlorencia Lady SapphireSceiron KimikoBelicious Mochaccino Truffles
10thSinhiman Monet's Clouds of BlueSinhiman Toffee PopSinhiman Toffee PopSinhiman Monet's Clouds of BlueSceiron Kimiko
BAMTynlony Gucci RushTolaytus China GirlTolaytus China GirlAmoenta RainaSinhiman Monet's Clouds of Blue

Ring  OneRing TwoRing ThreeRing FourRing Five
BISBrzDblGrPr Florencia Miss SaphireSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow FlakeGldDblGrPr Moonson Paddington BearSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow FlakeGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning Chockie
R/Up BISGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning ChockieMoonson ScottyPr Littleangel Isla MaiGldDblGrPr Moonson Paddington BearBrzDblGrPr Florencia MissSaphire
3rdBirpur Your'e the One that I WantSilDblGrPr Sandylands I'm Just a DivaBrzDblGrPr Florencia MissSaphireBrzDblGrPr Florencia MissSaphireDblGrPr Moonson Rupert Bear
4thPr Birpur Hopelessly DevotedPr Littleangel Isla MaiGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning ChockieSilDblGrPr Sandylands I'm Just a DivaBrzDblGrPr & DblGrCh Birpur Melting Moments
5thSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow FlakeGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning ChockieSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow FlakeBrzDblGrPr & DblGrCh Birpur Melting MomentsPr Birpur Hopelessly Devoted
6thSilDblGrPr Sandylands I'm Just a DivaPr Adorabella Jonty's Midas TouchMoonson MyloMoonson ScottyPr Littleangel Isla Mai
7thBrzDblGrPr & DblGrCh Birpur Melting MomentsBrzDblGrPr Florencia MissSaphirePr Birpur Hopelessly DevotedPr Birpur Hopelessly DevotedGldDblGrPr Moonson Paddington Bear
8thMoonson ScottyGldDblGrPr Moonson Paddington BearMoonson ScottyBrzDblGrPr Yadillah Tia MariaSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow Flake
9thChatoyant Flame Dancer Simply RedPr Birpur Hopelessly DevotedGldDblGrPr Moonson Paddington BearMoonson MyloChatoyant Flame Dancer Simply Red
10thPr Adorabella Jonty's Midas TouchMoonson MyloBrzDblGrPr Yadillah Tia MariaPr Littleangel Isla MaiMoonson Scotty
(combined cats/kittens)
Birpur Your'e the One that I WantGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning ChockieGldDblGrPr Birpur Iza Stunning ChockieSilDblGrPr Concerto Snow FlakeBirpur Your'e the One that I Want

Companion Cats - LonghairRing OneRing TwoRing ThreeRing Four
BISSqueakGldDblGrPr MalteeSilDblGrPr Abergail PearlSqueak
R/UP BISGldDblGrPr MalteeMistyMistyBrzDblGrPr Shami
3rdErebusErebusGldDblGrPr MalteeSilDblGrPr Abergail Pearl
4thMistySqueakSqueakGldDblGrPr Maltee
5thBrzDblGrPr ShamiSilDblGrPr Abergail PearlStevieErebus
6thSilDblGrPr Abergail PearlBrzDblGrPr ShamiBertieMisty
7thStevieBertieBrzDblGrPr ShamiStevie

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