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Sceiron Birmans

M Robinson & P Spink
Pukerua Bay, Wellington
Ph: (04) 239 8139

1970, and the release of the LP 'IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON' by KING CRIMSON and unbeknown to the group and myself, the birth of Scieron Birmans.

Ch Leegrgo Khalid DeucalionIn the mid 1970's I had purchased a Chinchilla and a Colourpoint with the intention of showing and breeding both breeds.  When I applied to the NZCF for my breeding Prefix, I was determined that it had to be something unusual and definitely not run of the mill, so I decided to have a look through my considerable LP collection and came across a track from the above mentioned LP called, "The Hand of Sceiron".

The showing side of my endeavours was quite successful but unfortunately the breeding aspirations were not.  When I retired them from the show ring in 1982 my prefix along with my breeding lans were put on hold, for a lot longer than I had intended.

Ch Sceiron AmadeusWhile attending a Pet Expo in November 1994, Pauline and I met our first Birmans' (close up) and were completely smitten by them.  We decided it was time to resurrect my Sceiron prefix with Pauline as a partner and to purchase a breeding queen as soon as was possible.  In early 1995 we acquired our first Birman, a Blue girl named "Designi Kashmir Zensharne" and at the end of that year Kash presented us with a litter of three male kittens, two Seal points and one Blue.

Since then we have purchased two Blue/Cream Tortie girls, Esgaroth Jazzmin Zaffre and Esgaroth Bluebelle Ze-Furr.  From Jazz'z first litter we kept a beautiful Blue point female, Sceiron Shibui Epoustiflante (Sheba), and from Bluebelle's first litter we kept a Seal point male, Sceiron Amadeus (Wolfie).  We decided in early 1998 to acquire another Seal male Leegrgo Khalid Deucalion who we call Rockett, and a Seal point female Leegrgo Miss White Dove, affectionately known as Decibelle ... Deci for short.  Can you guess why??

In April 1999 we imported a Blue boy from Tasmania, Lynanmar Blu Mood, for our breeding programme which now includes:  Seals, Blues, Blue Torties, Seal Tories, Creams and to our delight the occasional Lilac and Red.  All our our girls have achieved champion status along with Rockett and Wolfie as well as our imported boy whom we have christened. Tasman.

Scieron Midnight RamblerFrom our litters in 2000 we decided to keep two Cream Point males, one a neuter from Jazz and Tasman who we christned Sceiron Super Nova, and the other from Rockett and Bluebelle for our breeding programme.  We named him Sceiron Midnight Rambler, but we call him Brie, seeing as how he si a Cream point.  We also kept one of Sheba's kittens from 2001.  A Seal Point female, Sceiron Arcadia Shakira.

All of our kittens are lovingly raised indoors with lots of human contact, and like most Birmans, they tend to possess the wonderful relaxed nature and temperament associated with the breed.  Kittens are generally available between late November and mid March.

At the very start of my involvement with showing and breeding, my LP, and now CD collection, continues to serve us well as a source unusual names (and definitely ones to be remembered) for all our babies


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