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Welcome - About Our Club

The Sacred Temple Cat Club of NZ Inc exists to foster an interest in cats' for cat owners' and breeders.

Our Club is enthusiastic, with a wealth of experience and encourages the breeding of the Birman cat to the standard of the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

The Sacred Tempe Cat Club was founded in 1996.  It started with Janice Davey as President, a small committee and a few members.  The Club held its first Annual Cat Show in 1998 starting with a 2 ring cat show.  Since 1996 the Club has grown and now holds a 5 ring cat show and is supported by around 70-80 members.

The Companion Cat ring is an all breeds ring and is not limited to Birmans' only.

We have great support from our members and committee in organising our Annual show which is held in July of each year.

The feedback we have received from our shows is that it is a very friendly, well organised show with great prizes.

Our show attracts entries from all over New Zealand and we always look forward to new competitors.

We issue our newsletter, The Temple Tabloid three times a year.

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Club Officers and Committee

Patrons Robyn and Dougal Meyers
Newletter Editor
Pam Halliday
Vice President
Newsletter Editor
Linda Morgan
Secretary Janice Davey
Treasurer Diane Holtom
Committee John Davey
Christine Morgan
Sally Dennehy
Pauline Spink
Michael Robinson
Raewyn Smith
Rachel Henderson
Barbie M?ller
Jackie Finch
Coulton Finch

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